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A shared passion for saving lives

We are Blue Line Solutions, a trail-blazing company created to help law enforcement save more lives. Leveraging our $0 cost photo-speed enforcement program, cutting-edge ALPR analytics and revolutionary Criminal Intelligence Network platform, we deliver unsurpassed technology despite limited municipal budgets.


Founded by former law enforcement vets, we offer hassle-free, end-to-end managed services, from equipment and surveillance to citations and collections. And we’re also the only mission-focused company of our kind, dedicated to honoring the life of every hero lost in the line of duty.


Mark Hutchinson, CEO and Founder of Blue Line Solutions and veteran law enforcement officer

Mark Hutchinson

CEO & Founder

Soon after Mark Hutchinson entered law enforcement in 1989, he came to a frustrating realization: too much of police work was reactive rather than proactive.

“My first experience with a traffic fatality was haunting and unforgettable,” Mark recalls. “A boy named Matthew, just 10 years old, was unbelted in the back seat of a car being driven by his father, who was legally drunk. When I arrived at the scene, I worked to keep Matthew alive as long as I could – but he died in my arms before the paramedics reached us. I had vivid dreams about Matthew for months. Every detail, over and over. I knew that his death could have been prevented.”

Mark vowed to help stop traffic fatalities before they happen by making safety his life’s work. Founding Blue Line Solutions achieved his vision of finding a proactive way to save lives.

Mark’s Experience highlights

16 years in law enforcement – serving as Deputy, Sergeant and Chief Deputy, Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, East Tennessee

Law Enforcement Liaison and Law Enforcement Administrator, Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office

Law Enforcement Coordinator, Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety

Staff instructor, Southwest VA Criminal Justice Police Academy

Subject matter expert in the field of instructor development

Bob Dallas, transportation safety consultant

Bob Dallas

Transportation Safety Consultant

Bob is a civil lawyer with more than two decades of experience developing and implementing public health and safety behavioral programs. As an attorney with Buckley King, he has served on multiple state and national highway safety boards.

“Our mandate is pretty simple,” Bob explains. “We improve communities by aligning interests across transportation, public safety, public health and land use. We use this philosophy to bring communities together with a shared focus on improving safety in our school zones and on our roadways. Our goal is zero fatalities…period.”

In his eight-year role as Director of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Bob was instrumental in developing the state’s transportation policy – working with state and local leaders to implement safety, transportation and mobility projects benefiting local communities. He’s been a planning commissioner for over 20 years and serves as a Dekalb County appointee of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.

Bob’s Experience highlights

Co-Chair, Transportation Safety Task Team, Injury Prevention Research Center at Emory University

Co-Chair, Transportation Safety Task Force, Atlanta Regional

Advisory Board Member, Vision Zero Network

Immediate Past Chairman and Board Member, Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety (PEDS)

Chair, Dunwoody Planning Commission

Board Member, Road Safe America

Cam Reed, Vice President of sales at Blue Line Solutions

Cam Reed

Vice President, Sales

With more than 15 years of experience in law enforcement, Cam Reed has had the unenviable duty while working on crash scenes of bringing bad news to families.

“As a crash reconstructionist, I have knocked on many doors at all hours of the day and night to tell someone that their loved one was involved in a traffic crash and would not be coming home,” he shares. “Traffic enforcement is one of the few things that a law enforcement officer can do to prevent a tragedy before it occurs. At Blue Line Solutions, we save lives on our roadways – not just in one city, county or state but across several states. If just one life is saved, it is well worth the effort.”

Cam’s Experience highlights

Attained the rank of police captain

Assistant Coordinator, Central Region Traffic Enforcement Network, Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety

Metro-Atlanta Law Enforcement Liaison, Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety

Law Enforcement Coordinator, Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety

Ryan Moore

Regional Sales Manager, Georgia & Tennessee

Working as an officer in the traffic unit of Tennessee’s Cookeville Police Department, Ryan’s main objective was to slow folks down and prevent traffic crashes.

“There is no greater feeling than helping others,” he says. “And that’s why I believe in the work that we all do here at Blue Line Solutions. Our automated school zone programs have helped change driver habits. Preventing crashes and saving lives is my passion.”

Ryan’s Experience highlights

5 years as Master Patrolman, Cookeville Police Department

Promoted to the traffic unit as a motor officer and accident reconstructionist

BS in criminal justice/police science, Middle Tennessee State University

Jay Dalrymple

Regional Sales Manager, Midwest Region

With 16 years of experience in law enforcement sales, Jay knows first-hand the value of companies that put safety first.

“In this ever-changing time where public safety entities lack the manpower to educate, enforce and change driving behaviors, automated enforcement is becoming the new standard,” Jay notes. “I’ve never witnessed anyone making as big of an impact on community and school safety as Blue Line Solutions. I’m also proud to be with a company that has such incredible dedication to law enforcement.”

Jay’s Experience highlights

Certified police traffic laser/radar instructor, University of North Florida

Training NCO-Field Radio Operator, U.S. Marine Corps

Special Olympics volunteer

Greg Hogston

Regional Sales Manager, Virginia

Having worked in law enforcement for 25 years, Greg understands the problems communities face when it comes to traffic and public safety.

“I have made traffic safety the top priority of my career due to the countless number of severe crashes and fatalities happening on our roadways every day that could have been prevented,” he says. “I am blessed to be a member of the Blue Line Solutions family. Being a part of this company allows me to promote traffic safety in the most important way while giving parents peace of mind and protecting their children while they’re in school.”

Greg’s Experience highlights

Lieutenant, Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Patrol Officer, Damascus Police Department

Sergeant/DARE Officer/SRO, Saltville Police Department



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