Public information, education and enforcement
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A shared passion for saving lives

We are Blue Line Solutions, a trail-blazing company created to help law enforcement save more lives. Leveraging our $O cost photo-speed enforcement program, cutting-edge ALPR analytics and revolutionary Criminal Intelligence Network platform, we deliver unsurpassed technology despite limited municipal budgets.


Founded by former law enforcement vets, we offer hassle-free, end-to-end managed services, from equipment and surveillance to citations and collections. And we’re also the only mission-focused company of our kind, dedicated to honoring the life of every hero lost in the line of duty.

Executive Team

Mark Hutchinson

Founder & CEO

Soon after Mark Hutchinson entered law enforcement in 1989, he came to a frustrating realization: too much of police work was reactive rather than proactive. Mark vowed to help stop traffic fatalities before they happen by making safety his life’s work. Founding Blue Line Solutions achieved his vision of finding a proactive way to save lives.

“My first experience with a traffic fatality was a boy named Matthew, just 10 years old, unbelted in the back seat of a car driven by his father, who was legally drunk. I worked to keep Matthew alive as long as I could – but he died in my arms before the paramedics arrived. I had vivid dreams about him for months. Every detail, over and over. I knew that his death could have been prevented.”

Jeff Oxner

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff oversees accounting, finance, banking relationships and strategic growth plans and is a key player in our overall management. Jeff joined our team after holding various financial management roles in private sector industries. He is a CPA and earned bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Management Information Systems and Financial Services.

“I’m very proud to work for a company of professionals with such unmatched passion and dedication. Every day, we make it our mandate to help law enforcement agencies and local municipalities improve public safety and save lives. There’s nothing more important.”

Zach Watts

Chief Technology Officer

Zach has an established history of building strong internet-based technology products for private and public sector companies. Having contributed to several national brands’ expansion into digital media, Zach now focuses on leading the development of law-enforcement tech to provide modern, easy-to-use tools to a traditionally overlooked sector of the market.

“As a father of two young children, Blue Line’s commitment to increasing community awareness regarding traffic safety is a mission I take personally. I strongly relate every project I’m involved with from the perspective of keeping my own family safe.”

Jason Friedberg

Vice President, Sales

With over 25 years of experience, Jason is a recognized expert in public safety, security and technology. He has spoken nationally on topics from campus arming to risk management and served on numerous committees and boards dedicated to law enforcement, homeland security, terrorism and community safety. After a decade in security technology, Jason joined our team in September 2022.

“Intelligence is at the nexus of every major challenge facing today’s law enforcement. It doesn’t matter if it’s the state or local police, FBI or a campus or school police department; the need for timely, comprehensive and actionable information is unparalleled.”

Bob Dallas

Senior Advisor

Bob is a civil lawyer with over two decades of experience developing and implementing public health and safety behavioral programs. He has served on multiple state and national highway safety boards. His previous experience also includes Director of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Dekalb County appointee of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.

“We improve communities by aligning interests across transportation, public safety, public health and land use. We use this philosophy to bring communities together with a shared focus on improving safety in our school zones and on our roadways. Our goal is zero fatalities…period.”


Kelly Abercrombie

Vice President, Operations

“At Blue Line Solutions, I can continue to serve – as we tirelessly work to make school and work zones safer. Our systems are effective at saving lives, which makes Blue Line a perfect fit for me.”

Kevin Edmondson

Vice President, Hardware Engineering

“Being a part of something that truly makes kids safer is such a gratifying experience.”

James Hardeman

Vice President, Field Operations

“The True Blue School Zone program allows me to continue to improve roadway safety – but with much wider impact.”

Chad Hardison

Director, Field Operations/ASE

“As the father of 3 young children, the work we do at Blue Line is near and dear to my heart, as the protection and safety of innocent lives should always be priority #1.”

Gena Sullivan

Communication Specialist

“After my career in law enforcement and public affairs, it was an easy choice to work with a company whose mission is to make communities safer by slowing down drivers.”




“Becoming a part of the Blue Line Solutions Family, I can serve more than just one community. Now I make a difference on a nationwide scale when it comes to the safety of everyone in school zones.”



“As a police sergeant, I supervised patrol officers and detectives in the child abuse and auto theft units. So I’ve always been passionate about public safety and helping and serving others.”



“People – that’s what drives me. Providing solutions that make them stronger, more capable and more resilient.”



“Our outstanding TrueBlue program offers agencies a way to add a force multiplier to their department that will effectively increase safety to the city or parish.”

Mark Frazer

Regional Sales Manager/FL

“There are people who try to look as if they are doing a good and thorough job, and then there are the people who actually damn well do it, for its own sake.” -Travis McGee

Greg Hogston

Regional Sales Manager/VA

“After a career in law enforcement, having the opportunity to promote a proactive program like the TrueBlue School Zone initiative gives parents peace of mind that their children are safer each day they attend school.”

Ryan Moore

Regional Sales Manager/TN, GA

“I am driven to educate communities about slowing down drivers to save lives in school zones. Our TrueBlue line of traffic enforcement systems is making a huge differences in our neighborhoods every day.”


Regional Sales Manager

“People don’t care about what we know – people want to know that we care. That’s why working to protect our children is a lifelong mission of mine.”


Regional Sales Manager/FL

“After finishing my law enforcement career as Deputy Chief of Police, Blue Line Solutions allows me to continue providing a safe and secure environment for our children.”