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Capture criminals, recover cars, at $O cost

Powerful, precise, effective law enforcement

TrueBlue ALPR is your agency’s most formidable ally. Software-assisted plate-reading units help find wanted or missing people by instantly identifying vehicles. Engineered for both stationary and mobile use, TrueBlue ALPR is the most powerful license plate recognition program available anywhere today, leveraging a sleeker, self-contained design that can run completely on solar energy.


Now a single camera can serve three purposes: speed enforcement, area surveillance and license plate recognition. We can enforce speeds, capture crimes or events through video management, and identify stolen vehicles that pass the camera. This allows police to apprehend wanted individuals, locate AMBER Alerts and much more. So we’re not just reducing speeds; we’re also providing criminal investigation resources that are normally too expensive for law enforcement – sometimes at zero cost.


TrueBlue ALPR provides investigators with in-depth knowledge of suspect vehicle behavior, leading to more arrests, reduced crime, and safer communities. Our convoy and short duration tools quickly tell you when two vehicles pass one or more ALPR sites within a short time period – and our cruising tool provides info when a vehicle passes the same location multiple times. The cohort tool helps determine possible additional suspects by identifying vehicles that travel past multiple camera sites with vehicles listed on hotlist or other databases.

Police officers
in more places
at once

Adding TrueBlue ALPR to mobile surveillance cameras reinvents how an agency combats crime. Now a trailer can be moved according to an agency’s changing needs, streaming video in real time, identifying vehicles from up to 1,000 feet away and generating custom alerts to law enforcement.

TrueBlue ALPR helps get the job done

Detect pattern behavior

Search database for suspect vehicles

Geofence notification

Identify convoys

Recognize cohorts

Vehicle presence alert

Gate open/close functioning

Many more data-driven search tools