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Public information, education and enforcement
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Stop tragedy before it happens

Public information and education: School zone safety

The single most important component of your TrueBlue program, public information and education (PI&E) creates strong, enduring partnerships with schools, communities and law enforcement. While other automated speed enforcement companies focus on writing tickets and making money, we’re about changing behavior and saving lives – by decreasing the number of speeding vehicles in school zones and capturing critical speed data at multiple intervals throughout your program. Sharing this information with neighborhood residents and officials, we effectively bring the speeding problem to life, garnering support and understanding.

Customized PI&E for every agency

Professionally crafted press releases

Custom social media posts

Impactful email templates for school-wide parent distribution

Physical printing services, including banners, handouts, mailing inserts, signage and letters

Assistance in setting media press conferences

Complementary videography for short-form video postings on websites, YouTube and community ad platforms

Representative attendance to answer questions at school and community events

End-to-end: Managed traffic safety service

Unlike other companies, we aren’t here just to process citations. Instead, we work as an extension of your agency, entrusted to communicate with your constituents. That’s why we rely on real people, located in our Tennessee facility, who look at every license plate to ensure that information is entered accurately for a higher number of correct registration returns. And we require that each call between our staff and your constituents is handled with exceptional care and attention. We do it all for you – from strategic planning and public education to installation, maintenance and data-driven, post-implementation reports. This unique 360° approach covers every element of your program, without taking up a minute of your agency’s valuable time.

We handle everything, including:

Strategic planning

Pre- and post-implementation speed studies

Robust public information and education program

Installation and maintenance

Citation processing, mailing and tracking

License plate returns via NLETS

Agency approval prior to mailing

Court/hearing assistance via a court liaison

Payment processing

Detailed monthly financial reports

Comprehensive Speed studies

Modeled after NHTSA’s highly acclaimed Click It or Ticket program, we utilize data to determine dangerous school zones with high numbers of speeding vehicles, then successfully measure the effectiveness of each program level.


We deploy a series of 5-day speed studies during school hours to calculate traffic counts and the number of speeding vehicles. By capturing statistics during each period, we accurately gauge your program’s effectiveness and identify factors that change driving behavior. The result? Agencies can better understand and efficiently address speeding problems in your neighborhood.

Speed survey methodology


• 5-day speed study prior to program launch
• Determines level of speeding problem

Public information and education

• 5-day speed survey at beginning of warning period
• Measures effectiveness of PI&E campaign


• 5-day survey after warning period concludes
• Measures effectiveness of warning period

Initial enforcement

• 5-day survey approx. 5 weeks into enforcement
• Measures effectiveness of week 1-4 of enforcement period


• 5-day survey periodically throughout school year


• 5-day survey during summer break

Back to school

• 5-day survey each time school comes back into session after holiday, summer or extended periods


• Surveys during an unusual event, altering enforcement conditions

LIDAR vs. radar:
Why it matters

Our TrueBlue photo speed enforcement system features cutting-edge LIDAR, not radar, for speed measurement. LIDAR is much more defendable in court than radar – especially with automated enforcement – because it uses a single laser beam to capture speeds of vehicles. Other companies rely on radar, which emits a Doppler beam, records multiple vehicles at once, then attempts to identify and determine the speed of each. With TrueBlue, LIDAR pinpoints the speed of only one vehicle at a time, so we can prove that the vehicle captured was the only vehicle in question.

Georgia Speed Study Report

40 school zones studied

Reduction in speeders in 1st 90 days of program0

Reduction during PI&E/warning phase without a citation0

Violations captured in 1st 90 days that were cited0

Reduction in overall traffic count0

Percentages have been rounded to the closest whole number

How one little girl’s legacy helped reduce speeding by 92%*


*as of august 2021 data